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New Year Misadventures

Firstly I need to apologise for my lack of news for you recently, it is entirely the fault of my humans! I am constantly doing things that I want to tell you all about but I have to wait for mum to write them down for me - the down side of having no thumbs.

We have been busy here in the winter, the main job has been decorating the bar, which I have been telling the humans to smarten up for a while now, so at last they have done it. It has had a lick of paint and best of all they have fitted a log burner to keep me warm. So now if you can’t find me on a chilly day just check the log burner as I am like to be found on my cushion in front of it. So if you come and visit in the chillier months come and find me in the bar and I promise I will share the fireside with you!

I have had an eventful start to the year which I will tell you about and see if you agree with me that it has been fun, fun & more fun. Or if you agree with the humans that i have been trouble, trouble and more trouble.

During the winter, if there are no guests staying with us I am allowed to run around the park off the lead but recently I have got into some big trouble as I decided to chase a cat who came to play from the village, he was very fast and got away from me, but I was determined to find him and next thing I know I have been put into a car with some very nice people who found me hunting the cat on the road. Mum was telephoned and I was collected from the nice peoples car - OH BOY I was in TROUBLE, but I did get lots of cuddles too. I now spend a lot more time on a long lead.

My next mini adventure started with a small hole in my field, I felt that the design of the hole would be greatly improved if I just increased its size slightly, so I have been returning to it regularly to continue my work. Then while the humans were busy last week (trimming trees) I got a little bored so I snuck off and continued with my work! When completed to my satisfaction I summoned the humans with some continuous barking with a few howls thrown in ( always does the trick) to admire my work. Oh dear - it didn’t go as well as I had hoped, it seems I had not taken into account the fact that we have had quite a lot of rain recently which meant that the mud was a little sticky. My rather dapper ginger moustache had become completely matted with clumps of mud as had my paws. There was much talk of “ we just paid for you to be bathed and clipped - look at the state of you” Not once did they say “well done” or “what a lovely hole”. Oh well. It has given me a great new game on my morning run, I take my tennis ball straight to the hole drop it in and bark for the humans to come and get it - what fun! Once again they don’t seem to appreciate this game.

I had better be off as I’m sure I have a lot of havoc to create.

I hope to see you all soon, come and enjoy my lovely Dog Friendly holiday park perfect for you and your humans (well behaved please) at any time of year.



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