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Snow, snow and more snow!

Hello again! Last time I spoke to I told you all about the rain, well this time it’s all about the snow. At my very grown up age of 2.5 years old, I have seen very little snow, but that all changed when I moved to Manleigh. I have learnt a lot about snow and it’s different qualities ( don’t laugh, it’s very important). The first snowfall we had was my favourite it just made my coat very wet and extra curly, but the 2nd snowfall was very different and quite distressing, my legs and undercarriage got covered in ice balls! I was not happy, especially as the humans just laughed at me!

We also had a strange new visitor arrive, he lived on one of the balconies and I heard him referred to as Mr Snowman. I felt it was my job to bark at him regularly and it obviously did the trick as I went out for my normal walk the next day and he was much smaller and less scary, then the following day he had disappeared, so once again Baxter saved the day. I really don’t know what they would do without me.

It is now Easter and my home has changed dramatically there are new people and dogs everywhere and I have to say I seem to be very popular with the new visitors. I make sure I am there to greet guests at reception when they arrive. I like to be standing on my back legs looking over the stupid counter that the humans have put up. I am practicing regularly to try and jump over it and I am almost there, give me a few more weeks and I’m sure I will have mastered it.

One more exciting thing to tell you about is “ the buggy” I love it! It is supposed to be for carrying things around the park but I think I have successfully claimed the passenger seat as mine, whenever my humans go out in it I like to join them and sit up on the seat with my ears flapping in the breeze. It is really busy here at the moment, so I have to go now and get back to my meeting and greeting duties. I will be back in touch again soon.

Snow snow snow

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